trannsmission makes clicking noise when moving

just started this morning, in neutral without the sprocket on when i spin the shaft it clicks at a certain point. same steady click at the same spot everytime. when i ride it it is only noticable in 2nd gear under load. its pretty loud. stripped gear or something?? any help would be awesome

also in 2nd it will kinda get power wierd, almost like the brake gets pushed and released.  it will lurch shortly. the power is uneven

I had that problem on my yx160. When in 3rd gear it felt like there was a bald patch on the sprocket. I ended up buying a new trans gear set and shift drum assy from tbolt. After install problem no longer present. The weird thing is couldn't see any problems when parts where inspected. All gears where perfect. The kit was 150.00 plus gaskets. Pretty cheap compared to crf parts

A gear is slightly engaged when it shouldnt be, either shift fork is bent, or rounded engagement dogs. All gears are constant mesh type and when they slip, you feel it, even if the damaged gear is not the one currently selected. Time for a tear down.

The gear was missing a tooth that I found on the oil plug. sold it as is. im not familiar with that Chinese brand and it was all kinds of brands mixed up into a bike.

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