New to the site and have questions


I'm new to the site, Just got a 2004 CRF450R, I stop racing in 1991 and my last bikes were 1988 CR 125&250 and the first bike I pushed to a starting gate was 1978 Maico 250 so I've  been there and done that. I ride a 2009 DRZ 400 SM with a FCR and a MRD SSW exhaust to work. So my question is should the CRF be hard to start, I'm 190lbs and have to stand on the stand and kick that way, every other bike I've been able just to give it a good boot and it would start. My other question is the engine oil/trans oil use motorcycle oil or the shell product? 

I've found the Honda 450's are easy to start.

If your coming from 2 strokes, there is a natural tendency to twist the throttle at start-up. 

You'l have to experiment a little to see what works for you, but twisting the throttle at start will cause problems. If you can't control that trained reaction, just keep your hand off it.

Mine almost always starts on the first or second kick with just the choke at initial startup when cold. Once its warm, simply pull the hot start - first kick she should light. In the winter I'll give it a couple shots with the throttle.

Remember - twisting the throttle while on the stand also sends in raw fuel (not the case with 2 strokes).

Check the decomp

should be pretty easy to start, start someone elses 450 for comparison.



For oil, just run shell rotella triple protection 15w40 in both sides, change every 5-10 hrs depending on how hard you ride. It meets all the requirements needed for our engines and is wet clutch safe.


5 gallon pails are 70$ at walmart. Myself and countless others have been using it for years with no problems

Thanks for the help. I have a FCR on my DRZ and I know about no gas because its a pumper carb. It seems like a new spark plug should work. I just didn't know if it was normal. It just needs a good kick that in a race maybe a problem, because what I'm I going to find to stand on. I don't know if the fuel mix of octane and ethanol  additives is the problem where a race fuel may solve the problem. Race I'm not looking for high octane just good fuel, here in the north east they put so much garbage in the gas for the environment .

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