Wiseco Rod kit problem on YZF 2006.

I recently rebuilt the engine of a yamaha yzf 250 2006, i change piston kit, cylinder, valves and the rod kit. All is OEM except the rod kit, which is a WISECO, heres the problem. After a few hours of running the bike, it starts a strange noise from the inside of the engine, so we opened to se whats happening. We found that the new rod was damage in the top bushing where is the piston pin, the bushing is made of bronce. Does anyone have had the same problem? I ran the bike like 15 hours when the noise started. Why wiseco makes it with bushing and the OEM not? Now i have to change the connecting rod...


PD: sorry if my english is not that good, im chilean... Thanks!

Are you sure OEM isn't bronze too? If it's just Wiseco, then it could be for any number of reasons.

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