What is this thing on the rear axle nut?

I need ro tension the chain but how am I supposed to loosen this? Is it left hand thread? Thanks in advance. I wouldnt even be able to ride without this forum!1377912019056.jpg

You need to loosen the left side nut, use the numbers on each side of the rear wheel as a guide. The numbers on each side need to be the same to make sure the wheel is straight. Tighten until there is about an inch of up and down play in the chain. The bike also needs to be off the ground.

Huh ok. The manual shows to loosen the nut on the right side, but it does not show that thing. Thanks!

The Elbow on the bolt will move as you loosen the other side. It acts a catch and will move when you loosen the nut on the other side. It will catch on the upside of the swingarm.  the little nut on the snail is just to hold it still.

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Thanks guys got it all tensioned to spec. It seemed like the obvious way to go but the manual shows loosening the nut on the brake side, and does not have that little arm.

Your axle is in the swing arm  wrong, that's why its different that the picture in the manual. Tom

I don't know what someone did to your swingarm but where that pinch bolt with a nut on it is, should just be a pin for lining up the indentations on your snail adjuster. At least that is what has been on all of my xr650l's and xr600r that I have owned. All my bikes have been more current than yours though 1991 and up.


Just looked at the fiche and it does have bolts and nuts on both sides............I guess the newer models went to a pin to speed up wheel changes with less to loosen to remove the wheel.

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I'm guessing that the photo is not from an XR650L.


The three I've spent time with (1994, 2001, 2005) didn't look like that.

What's the differnce? The VIN comes up XR600R, but maybe the swingarm was changed at some point in its life?

That looks to be a drum brake rear wheel and an aluminum swingarm, so it might be an older XR600.  It wouldn't be a 650L or XL600.  Although the 1985 and 1986 I've seen didn't have that extra snail adjuster pinch bolt.

If the wheel is gold, its an 86. Both my 86 and 87 have the 12mm nuts to hold the adjustment cams in place. You should check the brake shoes, on my 86, they came unbonded at a very bad time.  EBC still has them. If the bike still has the 17" rear wheel. IRC has a pretty good tire for off road called an Enduro VE33.

 always left those 12mm nuts off on the xr's never had issue

I think they were used back in the desert race days, for rapid wheel changes. 

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