71 TS250R

this one has me almost beat. 


Had the bottom end proffesionally done, crank seals new bearings etc.. I did the top end, fresh bore piston and rings all new gaskets, intake manifold is new and carb cleaned and float level set.  Start and runs - however there is no affect by turning either idle or air fuel screw - which tells me there is an air leak.  Had it running this afternoon and sprayed WD40 around base of cylinder and intake manifold = no bubbles. re checked all fasterners tight.


Spark plug is dry black. so that tells me there is no air leak? and it is rich, tried raising the needle e clip - it did not like that. float is set at 14.45 mm (15 is stock) bike does not smoke - just whispers of it as it should. Mean cranks seals etc are sealed up. 


I am stumped. Maybe ignition related? bad stator? but that would in no way affect the carb screws having no affect. 

It could be that your throttle cable is too tight which is leading to an idle rpm that's so high that the idle adjuster and the air screw won't have any effect.

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