I need your help - Going riding tomorrow and...

Hey, I'm going riding tomorrow and tonight I notice a little oil getting by a fork seal. Any suggestion on what to look for as a cause? Suggestions on the fix? Thanks!

remove dust seal,clean area around fork seal with brake clean.use the smallest feeler gauge you can find and slide it between fork seal and fork tube then gently work all the way around tube to dislog any dirt or foreign objects that could be causing seals to leak.again,clean area around fork seal with brake clean.now pack some lithium grease around outside of forkseal and pop your dust cap back on.if your fork seals arent totally bad this fix should work[or at least get you thru day of riding]

Pop the top off of the fork and put in about 10cc to 20cc of rubbing alcohol it will cause the seals to slighly swell and slow down a leaky seal until you can disassebmle the fork, clean everthing and put in new seals.

Cheap trick but works


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