xl600r carburetor differences

Hey everyone. I recently purchased an 83 xl600r. I am rebuilding the carbs right now and stumbled on this video about the 86 model http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOCDfy46mbU at about the 4min mark D-Ray refers to what he calls the "low speed mixture screw." My carb doesnt appear to have that and I cannot seem to see it on the exploded view of the carbs in my shop manual. There is a hole on both carbs that looks as though it would take on of those screws but it is empty. I am wondering if there were slight differences in the design of these carbs over the years. I do have an idle screw that is still intact and has a limiter tab on it. It is in a completely different location however. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The screw you mentioned with the limiter cap does the same thing as the screw in the video.  Except, yours adjusts the amount of air in the idle circuit.  While the one in the video adjusts the amount of fuel in the idle circuit. 

XLs have the fuel screw with a limiter while XRs have the air screw. XL carbs combined with larger XL intake ports are likely the biggest reason an XL makes more hp than an XR too.

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