Put 85 XR600 front & rear suspension into a 85 XL600

I have a 85 XR 600 with a XR's Only 630 worked motor w/ worked suspension & an 85 XL 600 with 9200 original miles, that I ride both on/off road and is plated. Both are 85's and running great.  I have another 85 XR 600 roller (everything but the motor) with worked front and rear suspension.

   I like the way the suspension on the XR rides better versus the XL  & I would like to put the front and rear suspension (forks, swingarm, wheels, shock) from the 85 XR 600 roller on the 85 XL 600

I want to keep the XL ignition/lock switch barrel and still use all my existing hardware to mount the head light, speedometer, gauges, fairing and fender. Is there a upper triple clamp from another model I can use to fit the larger diameter fork tubes from the XR?

I've read other posts about swapping but were mixed matched year and models and not 85 XR600 into 85 XL600.

Anything to look out for?

I'm not new to thumpers ~I've owned over 14 different TT and XT 500 in the past.

Great site & thank you for your time.

the closest I got, was using the triple form a xr650l. it has an ignition lock mount, but I still had to make some brackets to mount the XL headlight. the  junction box is just tie wrapped for now. these triples are 43mm, so the xr600r forks will mount and use the same stem bearing sizes. I ended up putting '92 xr600r forks on it, since they are also cartridge and still use the same wheels. not sure about the '85 xr600r swingarm/shock, the single carb. model will take some adapting, since the shock is off center. I left the xl600r swingarm, but use a '83 xr500r shock in it, which works well.

I think your 1985 forks are damper rod style, so no matter how worked they won't be as good as cartridge forks.

If you're going to fit XR forks to it then as has been said that's easy,,Swap the steering stem over from the XR fit the forks and your done..


You will have to mickey mouse together or adapt the instruments/light/ignition key fitting to the XR forks..No easy way around that problem,,been there done it.


The XR rear shock needs to have the canister on the line,,Can't use any of the modern XR shocks..It will also need a bit of grinding on the bottom mount of the shock and the top..It'll be tricky getting it in..Been there done that..


I hope you have long legs,,XL shocks are short,,XR600 rear shocks raise the backend a lot..not sure on the older rfvc 500 ones,,possibly the same ..

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That's my 86 XL before I sold it with XR fronts and an XR rear,,tall is what it was..CRF250/450X muffler..Dam good bike that,,went like the clappers and super reliable..Should never have sold it..

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