Xl600r issues!

I need help. I bought a nice 83 xl600r a few months ago. Its a thing of beauty and started and ran great. The other day I was riding on the street and I lost all throttle control all of a sudden. The bike stalled out, so I pop started it while I still had the speed...still no throttle and it stalled again...once more and dead on the side of the road. I brought it home and examined the throttle cables (thinking I must have broken one) and they were both fine. I pulled the carbs and cleaned them out and blew out the jets with compressed air. They were a little dirty but not fully blocked. I reinstalled everything (with much swearing) and tried to start it and still no throttle! It sounds like it wants to start but I cant give it gas to keep it going. Any advice would be appreciated greatly! Thanks.

Wish I could help but I am having the same issue.

Just a suggestion but have you checked the air filter and made sure the floats are seating correct as this could cause flooding?  Also check your spark plug and see if it is wet with petrol.  Maybe it is getting flooded out :/  Not sure just throwing out suggestions.

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