Help! 26mm makiuni carb to much for my adr-125 pit bike?

I fear I may have been mis led by a website into thinking an original 26mm makiuni was the best option as an after market carb for my stock apollo orion adr-125.. or maybe im just getting the jetting wrong?? the site im talking about can be found by googling   pit bike blog - all about pit bikes in canada   ..... it starts out wet clutch vs dry clutch... well scroll down a bit and you will get to the EPA carb section and they claim that the 26mm makiuni is the best carb for it since the carb that comes with the bike is not the best.. no adjustments of anykind can be made on the stock one except the idle..anyway I cant get the new makiuni to run decently, the carb came with a 155 165 175 and the 190 jet that comes allready installed in the carb. any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreicated.    :thumbsup:

Ok well I switched back to the keihin copy oval carb for now..


Just thought id let yall know That I could not get my pitbike which is actually only a 120cc to run GREAT with the vm-26 606 because of the dreaded bog. But I did get close!!! LOL for those of you messing with about the same set up I had the best luck with the stock pilot jet 22.5 "i think" and the main was a 155 (came with a 190) with the needle clip set as low as possible for the most rich setting.. this carb is just to big for the little low proformance 120cc by the way I live in TX at about 70 ft above sea level and temps about 90ish outside..

I would look in a better cam but dont know if that would be enough for the 26mm besides that im not even sure what engine is in my bike lol i cant find it out for the life of me..

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