Chain selection

What chains are you guys using and how do you rate them for wear especialy the master links,I currently run the DID VT2 narrow x-ring with 12/51 gearing,my front sprocket is only a few rides away from being toast so want to upgrade everything,I'm not a big fan of the vt2 chain as it required to much adjustment for my liking and the master clip wears to fast,I have tm chain guide but the clip will only last 10hrs for me.


will an all ali rear sprocket at least last the lifetime of a front 12t sprocket? or should I be expecting 1 rear ali sprocket to last 2 fronts?

i´ve just put did vx2 chain (114) whith JT steel sprocket, 13-50 as oem

all of the mid grade chains are good, steel rear sprockets are far better than any alum one, a 12t front sprocket will cause the chain to kink/ wear :thumbsup:  to much, a 13t will last longer,iam running a 13t-49t steel and a msr o-ring chain, this is my first new set other than the stock, i have over 4000miles and have very little wear,

I guess I will have to put up with faster chain wear,I don't really want to get rid of the 12/51 gearing as it's nearly perfect for the hill climbs in my area,always found myself in no mans land when going between first and second gear with stock 13/50.


Can anyone who also uses 12t front reccomend me a decent chain that's cheaper than the VT2? I only used the VT2 as I was told it needs to be a narrow width chain for KLX's,I don't mind having to replace a chain every time I do sprockets,should I be doing a chain and rear sprocket every time a front 12t is due? or can I do rear sprocket and chain for every second front sprocket?

super sprocks and a DID gold x-ring. bomber.


Have narrowed it down to two chains I would like to try,has anyone run either of these with 12/51 gearing and can reccomend?


Still concerned about wether or not I have to run a narrow chain for a KLX? these chain are listed as fitting a KLX  in the parts finder section

I run the Renthal R3-2 and 12/53 gears. That 114 link will not fit. I buy the 120 link and cut it down to 116. I have >5000mi on my KLX and I have used the R3-2 since the stock one wore out at real low miles. I don't know off the top of my head how many miles I get per chain, but I remember it is something like 1000mi per 12 tooth, 1500 miles per TM slider, 3000 per steel rear. I will look at my records, but I am guessing 2000mi on each R3-2 chain.

Isn't the standard chain a 114 link?

Yes it is. I guess it is the 53 rear that makes me need the 116. 114 is too short for me.

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