2013 ktm 150sx adjustable power valves?


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Do 2013 ktm 150's have adjustable power valves i went to adjust mine but nothing moved wen i looked through the side part with the grey elbow and hose on it? Also is their any way i can get more bottom end without changing sprockets etc


Edited by Kiwi 316

Are you adjusting It correctly with the adjuster next to the clutch cover?

I do every thing it says to do in that article but wen i go to see how far its moved it hasnt moved and i cant see that refrence mark on it?

Take your exhaust off, and take the inspection cover off on the other side of the cylinder and see if the fork and ball is connected.. If it's not you'll have to take your base cylinder nuts off and lift your cylinder slightly so you can seat the fork on top of the ball

Ok thanks ill take a look later after school thanks guys

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