'Tarding it...

CRF150r + 17" Distanzias + sand MX track = a lot more fun than one would think :)

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Is that thing plated?


Where'd you go for rims and spokes?

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Is that thing plated?

Where'd you go for rims and spokes?

It is plated. Motard wheels and brake setup was installed. Rad hubs and (look like) Sun rims; unsure who built them, I have the OE wheels too but need to get spacers, rotors, sprocket etc.

Was really surprised how well the Distanzias hooked up. Would be awesome if it wasn't geared so tall and the rear brake worked better.



I'd love to see more pix of this bike from different angles. Colorado is one of those state where it's easy to get a bike plated, and I'm moving down that path, doing a bit at a time as money permits. Just got a Clarke tank, and the next pop will be the obligatory TT lighting coils and flywheel.


I have two sets of wheels, and the first set will be laced with 18"/21" for trail riding, but I always thought the second set would be great relaced with 17" rims, not for motard racing, but for riding around town.


Bye the way, what size are the Distanzias? The Avon site shows 120/70R17 front, on a 3.5" rim and a 150/60R17 rear, on a 4" rim. Those sizes are what I run on my 650 Hawk! I wouldn't think there'd be enough clearance with a stock swingarm.


And how tall is the bike geared now?

Will post some pix and details later this weekend.

Rims are 2.5"/3.5"... So, 120/70 up front and 130/80 rear.

Front brake is QTM/Brembo.

Gearing right now is 15/42 and the rear tire is really tall which adds to the already tall gearing. Don't know what top speed is yet, but I'd say it'll push 75+

Lighting coil is OE rewound by TT, Baja Designs DS kit

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ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1377977270.166364.jpg

Side-by-side comparison of tire heights

OMG! That's a lot of tire! And with 15/42 gearing? Must be like starting in 3rd! That's one way to open up the ratios.

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Got the bike registered today, so now it's legal.

In the works:

-replace BBR exhaust for OEM. Anyone looking for a BBR full exhaust?

-replace Avon Distanzias with something else; it's just way too much tire on there. Would like to find DOT knobbies for 19"/16" wheels

-gear down so it tops out about 65ish mph at 12k rpm.

-install TT Vapor dash and 70w lighting coil. Rewound OE stator provides enough for LED tail and signals only when 35w headlight is off.

-Suspension rebuild, chassis, engine service, etc.



Heard a stock 150R behind Dealer's a few days ago. Unless you already have the stock pipe, the Q4 w/quiet s/a insert and MegaBomb header is quieter. 


DOT knobbies are hard to find in 19"/16" but there are at least two at AMT.


Front, Pirelli Scorpion Rally 110/80-19: http://www.americanmototire.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=265_346_951&products_id=5492


Rear, Kenda Trak Master II 90/100-16: http://www.americanmototire.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=200_239_241&products_id=2636


Here's a site with a list of DOT dirt bike tires (unfortunately no size references): http://www.usdualsports.com/2012/05/dot-dirt-bike-tire-list.html

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Thanks for the links, OP. I just got a big box full of original parts from the seller, so the OE exhaust will go back on and I'll keep an eye out for a Q4.

As for tires... I'll most likely swap the Distanzias onto my KLX250. Probably go with BT-45s for the street on the motard wheels and regular knobbies on the OE wheels. At least they are easy to swap; although I may need to rethink the QTM setup in favor of something more conventional. Those motard wheels add a lot of unsprung weight and feel like anchors on jump landings

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