Free play in rear shock?

So I just had my forks and shock rebuilt. I was told all the bearings in the swingarm, shock, and linkage are shot. I have the new bearings and just had those parts off the bike to have a shop install them properly so I don't mess anything up. The shop couldn't get it done before they closed for the weekend so I took my parts back. I am putting the bike back together because later tonight I'm heading downstate to do the job with a friend who has the proper tools. I also wanted to squeeze in a ride today, but I didn't notice anything like this when I took the bike apart.


After I put the shock on, I feel like this is way to much free play. I never took off the bolt connected to the linkage, and the top bolt is on really snug. I feel like I somethings wrong here, looking for your input if I assembled something wrong or if thats just how bad the bearings are. Once again, when I took it apart the shock seemed pretty snug as far as I can remember, I feel like I would have noticed that much wiggling.


Edit: If thats just the play in the bearing, is it safe to squeeze in a ride? I'm not gonna stretch it, I have the parts to fix it and get it right.


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Well I just snuck my ride in, hoping I didn't do any permanent damage. I really think this is just the bearings though after further inspection.

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