The start of a California street legal bike

So I have been flipping through the topics and have found several topics about all their builds and conversions, but I haven't found any from California, due to the fact of all their emission laws. For those of you that do not know too much about California and their emission laws; it is impossible to transfer a dirt bike into a street legal bike due to the fact that in the vin number it has a letter or a number in a certain spot that makes it a red sticker no matter what, unless it has already be registered and made street legal in another state, aka dumb! Well, I found a loop hole. Last month I picked up a 2004 WR450F from a very generous man. But the bike was not the only thing that he hooked me up with. He also sold me a completely blank frame, no vin, no motor, and there is not even a speck of rust on this thing, pristine! The frame is from a 2004 YZ450F, before they changed their frame material, so it is generally the same frame. It was part of the race teams frames, but when they changed the frames they started getting rid of the old frames, so he got one at cheap. He bought it in the same intension that I have going for it, making it street legal. This can be a loop hole because it would turn the bike into a special interests bike, aka custom build. I am not 100% sure that they frames are interchangeable but I am going to sure as hell try haha. I will keep everyone posted with how is goes. Also will be asking a lot of questions since this is my first time working on something like this. I am used to working on planes not motorcycles haha.



The frame


The bike


Sounds like a cool project. Your starting off on the right path. Take lots of pictures to document the fact that it is a "special construction". Certainly couldn't hurt to have photographic proof of the transformation.

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