Anyone interested in a yellow fender kit for 10-13 YZ450F

I saw a yellow kit plastic kit for the YZ125-250 from UFO. I sent Dave Antolak a e-mail asking about if he could submit a request to build yellow kits for the 2010-2013 YZ450F model. He said that they have to make a run of 100 sets when they do it. He also said he did not think there would be a demand for 100 sets to sell. I also asked about just doing the front and rear fenders as a yellow set, and we could sticker up our shouds, because people run stock and Cycra shrouds, and may not want stock shrouds. Anyone interested in this? Enough interest may make it happen, at least the front and rear fender kit. Just throwing it out there, as I would like to do a yellow YZ450F.

I always wanted to do a retro/mod yellow and black YZ. Just need the grafix kit. Any leads?

You can have a graphics sticker kit done by 180, Decal Works, etc.

Funny you bring this up now. Just last week I searched everywhere for yellow plastic for my 12.


Count me in.

Love the yellow/black yamaha with the retro graphics

That would be awesome, but just picked up a 14.' Any mention of yellow fir the gen II?

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