Bike for a new young rider.

I am considering entering the dirt biking world with my dad and I am 5"5 115 lbs. I was recommended a crf 150 by an experienced adult friend. Is this a good choice and if so does it matter what year? Thanks.

Whats your age.  If your 16 you might want a full size bike,  even if your say 14 you can ride a full size bike.  250f or even a 125.  both are great.  IF your looking for trails you might want a trials bike say the wr, crf-x,klx something like that

A crf150 would be a Excelent first bike for trail riding and should fit you perfectly the next step up would be a crf230 a little bit taller and more powerfull, But your friend knows his stuff and you would learn your fundinental riding skills well on a bike that won't intimidate you with to much power for your riding abilitys but still enough get up and go for some fun on the trails

As for the year there pretty bullet proof aslong as it doesn't look or feel worn out it it should be fine,

Dont over pay as You will be upgrading in no time and selling it for the next one in a year or 2

I'm 14

Get a cheap 80 or xr100 ride it till its to slow then sell it and get a 125 you can get a nice 80 or 125 for around 1000$ unless resources are limitless you can get a 125 and an 80 for the cost of a crf150r

I thought he was talking about a crf150f trail bike not a crf150R race bike but maybe I'm wrong

He's way to big for a xr80 and he's border line to big for a xr100 or crf100f

My 11 year old at 5'4 103lbs just sold his crf100f and bought a CR85r as he was to big for the suspension to be safe and he was board silly with the power We chose the CR85 because of the weight is lighter than the rest and the power is up there with the crf150r but cheaper to maintain as he rides 7 days a week on our property appx 120 hours ++ a season plus the suspension is better than the trail purpose bikes

Crf 100f seat height 30.9inches 165lbs dry weight

Crf150f seat height 32.9inches 223lbs dry weight

CRF150r seat height 32.9inches 165.3lbs dry

CRF150RB (bigwheel) 34.1inches 169.7lbd dry

CR125 seat height 37.4 to 39inchs

CR85 seat height 32.4inches 144lbs dry weight

Yeah I am definitely too small for a 80 and I wasn't talking about either I'm specific just wondering if they would suit me well. I am not going to do any competition so would it be better to get the trail?

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The trail version "f" is less maintence demanding that a "R"

The F trail version has almost half the horsepower as there a trail friendly bike the suspension is as basic as it gets on a dirt bike but usually works great for trail riding

Being a new rider a "F" series bike would be almost fool proof for you to learn clutch/braking and balance and navigating rough terrain while not have goobs of power to deal with that makes paying attention to the important stuff easier

Don't get me wrong the f series are quick bikes even my sons 100f would cruise down a fire road at 90kms an hour or roughly 55mph ish

And climb any hill with little fear of it stalling on him it was a great step up to to learning a clutch and a heavier bike

To Darren. Yeah I am aware of that now and that would be better suited for me some I am just learning how to ride one thanks.

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