'02 yz426f SUPERMOTO

Need/want an entirely new lighting kit (headlight/taillight, front/rear blinkers, stator..the whole bit.

Looking for suggestions as to best quality kit and best looking kit. I appreciate Any feedback. I'm new to this site so if I've posted this in wrong area etc. Bear with me.

This pic was before I slammed other day, any other ideas/comments about anything all are cool too. Thanks.



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The easiest and most reliable street lighting systems for a YZ426 are based on the WR400/426 flywheel and stator.  The stator needs modification to function along with the YZ ignition box.  Here's some information from the Common Threads "Sticky":




Search within this forum from the index page.  There's a lot of discussion on that topic.  Also, check out the SuperMoto Forum here on the site.

GR. Thanks man

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