New DRZ Owner

Hey guys new here and a new drz owner. This is my second bike, I had a 1980 xt250 that I learned how to ride on for about 9months, then was bikeless for a few months. Last night I picked up this awesome 2001 drz400 s with 8k miles on it. After searching around locally I feel I got a pretty good deal on the bike ($1900). The guy who had it took of all the signals and mirrors but still got everything in a box. 


Just wanted to stop in and say Hey, and ask a few questions. First one is, on my pet cock there is no off position, can someone please post a pick of how it should look for the gas to be off? I dont want to run into any issues by leaving it on. And lastly i didnt ask what gas the previous owner ran in it, but should I be running premium in it?


Sorry for the noob questions fella's, just want to be careful with it. 


Here is a pic. I absolutely love this thing, its night and day from my 250, to be honest it scares me alittle haha.




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Run 87 octane and keep the petcock set to ON or RES (because there is no OFF setting), which will be "OFF" when the engine is not running. However vacuum petcocks due fail, so to verify, just pull the rubber line off the carb with the petcock in the aforementioned positions and verify no fuel is flowing.


*edit* caught my mistake, it should be either ON or RES (reserve), which will allow fuel to flow when the engine is running (vacuum applied to petcock) and fuel to stop when the engine is off (no vacuum).  PRI is prime, at it'll allow fuel to flow regardless whether the engine is running or not.

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The petcock is vacuum operated so no off position, the PRI position is full on and generally only used for filling the float bowl when empty.

I run 87 in mine with no problems.

Looks like a clean bike. Might have found yourself a gem. My '06 has 8k miles and is going strong. Enjoy the ride and welcome!

 it scares me alittle haha.

It wont soon enough and you'll be looking for more power. haha. i was the same...

Somebody let him ride their Stroker ?

Thanks for the input guys. Yea it's got plenty of power for me for now. This thing is a blast to ride. Now I just got to get some more street friendly tires and get it legal! If anyone had a favorite dual sport tire I am all ears. Just keep in mind 80% of my riding will be on paved rodes

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