Anybody have land in McHenry County IL? Looking for riding buddy's!


Hello OHV enthusiasts!

I'm 18 and recently got a dirt bike. But unfortunately, I live in Illinois.

I was wondering if anyone has some acres of rideable land around here?

I'm also looking for riding buddy's to go to parks like rocky glen in Rockford.

Thanks in advance!

I live in Algonquin, IL. In McHenry County. Near Huntley and Crystal Lake.

There is nothing around here. sucks

You could move your girlfriend in to live with you and make her pay rent so you have more money. That will stop those silly ideas of riding motorcycles. At least until you marry her and then get divorced two years later. Then you will start riding again for a couple years before you get another girl friend. Then move her in with you and make her pay rent so you have some extra money then get married and then divorced two years later...

^ that was a little unnecessary. But yeah I used to go to a private spot in Gilbert's, I know that's near Huntley I'm not sure where it is in relation to you. Any ways owner owed a bunch of money and lost a bunch of the land to a forest preserve. He still has some but not enough for it to be worth it to go there

hey whats up?  I'm new around here and just saw this.  I live near Algonquin and I have an alright place to ride by my house.  hit me up if you want to go.  I just moved to mchenry county and don't know anyone around here...especially to go riding with.  I have a 2013 crf230f and still pretty novice.  I went to the cliffs and almost killed myself lol.  

82Airborne! Is that like 82d Airborne Ft. Bragg,NC?

I recently just moved to byron and bought some land, This spring Im going to be making a track of my own.  I have my skidloader sitting patiently in my garage waiting to start the build.  This spring ill be looking for some new riding buddies.  In the meantime though Ive been heading up to racine indoor MX on the weekends and weekdays that I can break free.  If anyones around the Rockford Area and wants to tag along let me know. 

82Airborne! Is that like 82d Airborne Ft. Bragg,NC?

Yes it is.  82nd Airborne infantry buddy.  Do you live near Fayetville?

This is the 82d from NC. You live in Ill. which is close to Kentucky and they got some good riding area's there.But if you get a chance and come to NC let me know and I'll take to some real good spots." Airborne All The Way"

Pilto, You ever ride at Lake Gaston?  I was in Lejeune for 4 years, Lake Gaston was by far the best track in NC that i ever found.

Meiborg; Marine? I've been stationed @ Lejeune 'Camp johnson ,Quantico. Camp Pendelton , Okinawa japan, Subicbay PI.

I was a corpsman with 2/2.  Who are you with foley?

I was probably before your time . I enlisted in 1980 USMC I have been with 1/7,3/9,3rd rec bn

Edited by Foleyracing

slightly before my time.  I dont think Camp Lejeune has changed at all though.  We probably had the same barracks haha and the water still tastes terrible and causes cancer.

Im from Park Ridge Il and am often up in McHenry to fish, but once my bikes running Ill also be looking to ride in the area.

Road my first laps of the season yesterday!



Only 2/3rds of my track as 1/3 is still under water and total mud fest.

But....wont be long now.  I'll be riding most every afternoon, it's my exersize program.  Way more fun than jogging.

Always more fun when there is another bike out there with me.  My 12 year old boy rides his YZ85 sometimes.  This year he is commited to more seat time.


NW corner of McHenry County I am.



Hey CooHead, are there any trails in your neck of the woods? I dont think my 1986 honda Xr100r with a 180lb rider would would be all to good on a track hahaha


180lbs on a 100 would be fine around my backyard track.

It is all kid friendly (or, in your case, kid bike friendly :)  ) 

Just razzing ya, no harm no foul.


On our ride days most of the bikes are 85cc 2strokes and 110/125 4t.

Kids are 8-13 years old.

And....a couple dads.


It's just a 1:40 track around the 5 acre yard.  No trails so to speak.  I mean, it's only 5acre plot in the country.


FoxValley in Ottawa has tons of trails...and two tracks.

No harm haha I got the bike for a "deal" or so I thought. I dont need a fast bike or anything, just something that fit me better than the 1970s honda z50s I ride in the summer for fun transportation around a farm. A way better fit for a 18 year old about to head off to college on a budget. Let me know if you ever ride the trails you speak of out in ottawa, I dont know how much interest I have in track riding honestly. Im also kinda new to a real clutch bike.

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