Right now my boy is running an 11/48 setup on his 2002 KTM Sr. Pro 50. When we are at the track, he just doesn't feel comfortable getting into the power band and spends a LOT of time blipping. I figured I might change the sprocket sizes to slow down the top speed of the power band and make the bike more enjoyable for him to ride. He's not a racer by any means and will only go WOT when he feels safe on a loooong straightaway. Plus, I'd like to eventually take him to do some mild trails but am afraid that 1. His washer stack is gonna be shot very quickly from the blipping and 2. That his bike won't take kindly to trail riding.

Any advice? And at the moment, I'm very much considering switching to springs for the clutch. I'd just like to get an idea of what sprockets others use when they are trail riding with their kids.



I am in the same boat but my kid has a ktm mini sx 50. The power band scares him too much so he's blipping all the time. I am gonig to try and adjust the clutch. If its better to do it with sprockets though I'd prefer that route. I just don't know what size sprockets to go to either.

Try converting to mini adventure springs, the engagement is way softer than a washer stack, and they work better for trail riding.  Just take the stack out, and put the MA springs in.

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