04 yz250f kickstart shaft help

A week ago I was at my local track and I tried to kickstart my bike and the kickstart was stuck down so I tried to pull it up and I was able to pull it out long story short my kickstart shaft is broke and I can not find some one who is selling just the shaft I need help guys if some one has a shaft let me know thanks



Check on ebay, eBay has everything.

Yeah I have checked but haven't found the piece I need

Same thing happened to my 05.

Only way you can get it is to buy the whole kick shaft assembly from what I have seen. EBay has a couple and there's some other places that sell them if you google "yz250f kickImageUploadedByThumper Talk1378126104.023145.jpg shaft assembly"

Ok thanks I was just looking for the shaft but I haven't been able to find the shaft it's self but I'll just buy the whole assembly

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