06 450r WP weep hole leak question

Read lots of post so here is my question.

I just started to have a coolant leak from the weep hole, when it was noticed it was dripping fast, lost about 8 oz in a few minutes, thank god I had a skid plate that the fluid was catching on making it visible when we stopped to talk or we may not have noticed it before it was too late.  We were out 15 miles in the desert but had enough water to make it back by stopping ever 5 minutes and adding 3-4 oz.  As we got closer to the trucks I noticed the leak slowed down but never stopped.  I have all the WP rebuild parts except the shaft.  Bike is 06 but very low hours so after reading Melk-Mans comment I am wondering if I should just do the WP seal and see how it goes before going into the oil seal and bearing.  And when I do go in that far I think now I would also get the shaft.  I kind of think going all the way in is not really needed at this point if there is not any slop in the shaft or visible shaft damage.  What do you guys think, WP seal only and see or get a shaft and go all in.  If the WP seal only does not fix it I could order a new one along with the shaft.  Also how often do the balancer shaft/bearings fail?  Is that something to even consider on a low 30 hour bike?

I would do it all: the seal rubber is old and likely hardened, and while you're in there, might as well do the full monty.

if you only want to do it once, you will replace the shaft, bearing and seals. 

is there anything on the shaft to look at for making it pass or fail?  Since I don't have the shaft and will be waiting 4 days for it.  I will have it open tomorrow.

it will be worn down, slight grooves


you will have to mic it but if you can see/feel those grooves, it needs replaced

I think I'm going to pull the WP cover and the outer seal and see what it looks/feels like and check for any bearing slop.  If all looks good I am going to try the outer seal only since I don't have the shaft yet anyway, I did order a shaft and another outer seal just incase, or for next time since it seems likely it will be needed at some point anyway.

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Anyone use the KS WP rebuild kits sold on Ebay?  I know I got burned on some KS fork seals and wont use them again but never used these, anyone use these and have any comments.

well you cant feel any grooves but you can see the four polished seal lip contact areas so I will replace it all.  Also the WP side seal is very hard, not cracked to the eye but a lot harder than the old oil seal.  Anyone have a good way to get the stuck on gaskets off the engine side and do you use any sealer on that gasket assuming all the surfaces are smooth once the old gasket is off?

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