Specific Situation, Need Guidance. Bought AZ Dual Reg CRF450x in CA, how to keep it that way?

Hi all,


I have been reading various threads before I posted it, but in my searching didn't find anything specific to this situation and I'm looking for some guidance.


I just bought a dual reg Arizona registered and plated 2005 CRF 450X here in San Diego.  I have the title, and it has current plate and off road registration stickers (AZ) on it.  All numbers match the title, etc.  I'm wondering the best way to attack this to attempt to keep my dual reg in tact.  I got it for a hell of a price ($2,200), so even if I lose the street plate I don't really care, I just wanted an X with electric start and the dual sport reg is just a bonus.


The original owner I bought it from said that I could call the AZ DMV and do the registration over the phone and mail in the title, etc. and keep it registered in AZ, even though I have a CA address.  I have no idea how this could be true if I don't have an AZ address, but he swears it's possible. 


What are my options with getting it re-registered in CA?  Will they transfer the title and basically green sticker it and replate it in CA?  Or will they pull the plate and just green sticker it?  Can I go to AZ and register it in person there?  I'm not really sure how to proceed with registration, and would like to try to keep the plate.


Any guidance is very much appreciated!


Here's a pic of the bike, just got it today!




as far as AZ does it have a plate now ? because if it does that does not belong to the bike it stays with the previous  owner  and if you  did a title transfer you would get a new plate and


registration   the residual registration can be refunded to the previous owner upon request


I am not sure how you should deal with this  being in Cali   I know they are a pain unless the bike was originally a dual sport  AZ you can legalize just about anything


plus don't forget street insurance

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Thanks Zimm, insurance is no problem.  It has an AZ plate, still on the bike, with both on and off road registration stickers.  I have the AZ title for the bike, and the AZ vehicle registration paper, neither of them say "off road" anywhere.  They all say body/vehicle type: MC.

is the title filled out and notarized ?

It's signed off the by owner I bought it from.  Why would it be notarized?

read the back

  it has to be notarized    so the sellers  signature is witnessed or the seller present at time of transfer   otherwise any shmoe who steals/finds  a title can transfer the bike


pdf below




I think your best bet is to try getting a Cali title worst case is you just walk out  before they try to give you a red sticker or whatever the non road use deal is


I am not sure how you could register it in AZ being a cali resident ?   but if possible you just got lucky because they just did away with cycle emission testing 


  I live close to a 3rd party title agency that is  AZDOT approved


and super easy to deal with so if you need any leg work I can help out 

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ps I know you stated if you loose the street registration it's no big deall but  it makes resale so much more $$


and on top of the deal you got when you bought it  you could ride it for years and sell it for the same $$ if it's cali streetable  IMHO

Yeah true, I would love to keep the street reg if at all possible now that I think about it.  I have bought an AZ bike before and transferred the reg without it being notarized.  Do you think I could get in contact with that title agency and maybe ask them a few questions about how best to do this?


I seriously appreciate the help!

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