Best Pipe and Silencer for KDX220



i have the RB modded head and carb and brand new top end.


what pipe is best recommended for this bike - 1998 kdx220?


i tossed the stock pipe and silencer away.


i do not need any spark arrestor.


i am thinking to go with the fmf rev/desert gnarly pipe and Power Core II silencer .





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the kdx220 does not like a rev pipe, a good fmf tourq pipe is better per FRP, if you ride woods i would get a spark arrester anyway because you never know!!!!! go to his web site and read the tips he  has there. :ride: FRP RACING...........

thanks 1274.




this is the quote from fredette himself:


"I recommend the Gnarly "REV" PIPE for the more experienced rider and all other riders riding in fast terrain with good traction. This pipe will improve performance throughout the power band with the most noticeable hit in the mid-range and up. I recommend the GNARLY "TORQUE" PIPE for the less experienced rider and more technical terrain because it also improves performance throughout the power band but with a more manageable power delivery. The torque pipe is not recommended for the 220’s. "



Byte, you are on the right track. My 220 ran awesome with the rev pipe. Very smooth and loads more overrev.

Fredette head mod, porting, and bored carb.

thanks adam


woods pipe no good?



Never tried it. But when I had mine everyone seemed to stick with the rev pipe.

great thanks.


what is it about overrev that is important?



my bad :blush: , the 220 does like the rev pipe i got the info mixed up, forgive me,,,,,,thats the pipe i have on mine rev,,,,,

I have the gnarly desert and turbine core 2 it's way lighter and still fairly quit. And makes wayyyyy better power

great thanks.

what is it about overrev that is important?


Overrev is just how quickly power falls off after peak power. Say 2 bikes have identical dyno charts and make 30 hp at 7500 rpm. Now bike A falls to 20 hp by 8000 rpm, but bike B doesnt get there until 8500 rpm.

Bike B will be easier to ride, as you have more of an option to stretch a gear out on straights.

Ever found yourself revved out in 3rd, only to hit 4th for about 30 feet before braking for a turn? Thats where overrev comes in handy, because 3rd would pull that last little bit if needed, despite being past the ideal shift point.

thanks boys.


tommy - why you choose turbine core 2 silencer over the Power Core II silencer ?




thanks boys.

tommy - why you choose turbine core 2 silencer over the Power Core II silencer ?


Turbine core 2 is spark arrested. Don't think the other one is

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