2013 kx250f after market shrouds

High sided 13 kx250f today.  Man I'm sore!!


Radiator guards saved radiators but my plastic shrouds on right side is toast.


Does anyone know if the aftermarket shrouds fit the 2013 well?  I can get both acerbis shrouds for same price as 1 OEM.


If they dont fit well based on your guys replies I will get the OEM replacement for right side only.


Please let me know your opinion....thx!!


Oh yeah....gotta order some new bars.  Mine are off about 11/2 inches even after resetting rubber cones in triple clamps...@#$@(#!!

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I am seeing Acerbis at Rocky for $40 for the 13 in make/model specific. I have brand new RC bend bars black & gold collecting dust. PM me. Sorry you are hurting. Hope you get up and running soon.

i got polisport plastics and they fit perfect, also dont crack as easy as oem

i got polisport plastics and they fit perfect, also dont crack as easy as oem


I chickened out and order just a right OEM shroud.  When I do my graphics at christmas I will order full set of aftermarket so everthing will be same.  


I have read on other web sites that the OEM green is not same as aftermarket green?  Maybe they got a bad batch?

I'm not sure about in the U/S but in Australia i can buy a shroud for $50 or a complete kit for $120 AUS, not sure about oem colour matching but if you change all the plastics you wont notice anyway.

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