cylinder head change?

i have an 09 rmz450 i just bought about two months ago from my landlord. ive ridden this thing 3 times since ive had it. its been at the shop the rest of the time due to a "RATTLE/TICK" that its had since i got it. i just switched to 4 strokes, so not very familiar. But after the shop had it for 2 months that "it was normal" i rode it thursday night and it was still there. i knew something was wrong with it. i took it to my buddies house today who is an ama mx pro and he tore it apart. i need new cams, head, and bridge. they are all scored to hell. are there any other heads i can use of different years that will match up with the 09? i cant seem to find anything on it. please help

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i got it. 2008-2011 heads are all the same.

maybe you should have a talk with your landlord about the bike he sold you with the bad motor.thats a dick move.

maybe you should have a talk with your landlord about the bike he sold you with the bad motor.thats a dick move.

i did. he said "he thought it was normal" lol. i dont know how but he did. i got the bike for a sweet price though. couldnt pass it up. after buying all new parts and getting it going again im still into it cheaper than what nada lists the bike as. he gave me $300 cash to use for the parts. (that bought me the new cams). and i was worried i wasnt going to get it done before kicker arena cross race at the end of this month. since he felt bad, if my bike wasnt done in time he offered to let me run his yz450f for the race. hes being pretty cool about the whole thing. which is cool. after a head, cams, gaskets, bridge and everything else we needed, were into it $850 but i have only paid $557. not to bad for a rebuild on a fourstroke.



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Sounds like he did you right.Nothing irritates me more then a guy who sticks it to ya and does do the right thing.Good luck.

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