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Rm 250 carb jetting

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I'm sure there is a video or something that shows or tells how to change the jets. I just can't really find anything about it. Anyone no a link to a website or maybe thread on here I over looked?

Thanks in advance

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Just loosen the air boot clamps, roll the carb on its side, right where it sits, and remove the 17mm nut in the bottom of the float bowl.

Once removed you'll be staring at the main jet. It's a 6mm hex that is gold (brass) in color.

Offset from the main jet is a little hole, inside you will see another brass jet. This jet will have a standard/ flathead screwdriver slot in it. You'll need a small flathead screwdriver for this jet to be removed. This is the pilot jet.

If you can't see this jet through the hole in the bottom of the carb, just remove the 4 Philips head screws that hold the bowl on the bottom of the carb for access.

Good luck!

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