need height Advice for XR80

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we are looking at getting a 90's XR80 for my son, he currently rides a PW50. he's only 7 year old.  measurement from his feet to crutch is about 640cm. I was wondering if an XR80 would be too big of a bike for him to ride or whether I should get something smaller till he's tall enough. I want to get him something with a clutch. I've been looking at PW80's, but theyre only 3speed semi auto. Thoughts?


also...  I'm not completely set on an XR, I would consider anything else 70-90cc with a clutch. I just know that the XR's are just about bullet proof.



XR80 is your only "clutched" choice, but its a lot bigger. Maybe let the clutch thing go and get him a xr/crf 70. Excellent resale value in a year or two when he's bigger and ready for the xr. I dont know anyone who has made that big a jump in size when they were so young. XR/CRF 80 is 10 year old size machine. Riding is no fun if you always fall over, and it weighs more than he does. As a rule of thumb, if he cant pick it up, he should'nt ride it! The only other option is a chinese knock off with a clutch, but you will spend more time waiting on parts than riding! There are manual clutch kits available for the z/xr/crf 50 too. Honda 80cc bikes have a pretty high top speed for a 7y/o in my opinion. Be careful.

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