Deceleration popping?

All of a sudden my bikes started popping when I let off the throttle? I have a 2011 RMZ 450 twin air air filter and cage Yosh RS 4 exhaust I have a JD Jetting power surge programmer have played with it to no avail. Running VP T4 fuel. I have done a search and really came up with nothing. JD's website says decel popping is usually caused by a exhaust leak which I can't see any leaks? Any ideas is much appreciated!

Could be header leak or too lean

Did the popping start after running different fuels?

No fuel changes been running Vp T4 since new!

Suzuki's idea of a front number plate broke on me and that's where I have the JD tuner hooked up, so maybe a wire came loose ? The number plate broke jumping where it bolts to the triple clamp!

The tuner says its working, but I can't tell the colors! Suppose to have a green for idle pilot jet feature, but it looks yellow. Not very happy with the tuner!

Definitely throw a richer coupler on

Talked to a guy today that told me maybe I have a bad sensor. My bikes been hard to start cold lately and if I do get it to fire I can't touch the throttle or it will die when it's cold. Weird! I bought a Vortex ECU on e-bay and sent it out today to get re-programmed with the latest programs, so I threw on the stock ECU with the rich coupler because I run VP T-4 fuel (they say you don't have to re-jet, but I found that you have to richen the mixture one step) and a Yosh exhaust and the bike started second kick and the bike took throttle like it should.


 The last time I had the bike at the track it would pop when I got off the gas and it was running lean in the pilot circuit. I had a JD Jetting Tuner on it and I lost the colors to make adjustments in the pilot circuit (pilot circuit is green) and the adjustments I made didn't seem to work. JD Jetting's good told me to send it to them and they would take care of me.


 One of my questions is if I ran lean did I mess the plug up? Is that why the bike was giving me trouble? I put the Vortex on and It ran hot again (only ran it a couple laps) adjusted the trim to richen the mixture and bike ran good except for starting and throttle until warmed up. Anybody had any sensors fail?

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