YZ250 to 2009+ YZF hub swap

Just confirming that when you swap hubs between the YZ 2 stroke and the 2009+ YZF hubs for the swing arm conversion, that you can use the original spokes? 


09+ YZF hubs need  3-4mm longer spokes. You can lace with the original spokes only in appearance, but it cannot be recommended in terms of strength.



Calling RCannon


  I have both an '08 YZ250 rear wheel and a 2009 YZ450F rear wheel.

If you want, I can measure the lengths of the spokes (as close as I can) and post them, if you think that would help.

Hey captn, that would be great if you could do that. Cheers

As close as I can tell, the 2008 spokes are around 195-200mm long. (Yamaha p/n 5HD-25304-00)

The 2009 450F rear spokes are about 200-205mm long. (Yamaha p/n 34P-25304-00)


Understand that the measurements were taken on assembled wheels, and in the case of the '08 included sprocket, disc & swingarm to work around.


But it does seem to give substance to what ktmr said, that the '09 F spokes are a touch longer.


Good luck!

What about the spacers and bearings for the rear wheel? I bought some yzf wheels (2010 I think it was) and the wheel fits and works on my YZ, but the spacers don't seem right.

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