Rear rim RMZ250 2008

Hi all,

Pretty new to all of this. Hope someone can assist, I want to replace the 19 inch with an 18 inch. What should I look for? Can I buy any 18 inch?

I have seen one from a 2005 RMZ250 with a 100/30-18 tyre. Would that work?

I have a 2004 RMZ 250 front wheel that I tried to put on my 2007 RMZ 250 and it didn't fit. I'm assuming the rear wheel won't fit either.  2004-2006 Suzuki used the same parts as a Kawasaki KX250F, with the only difference being yellow plastic. 2007 and forward discontinued using interchangeable parts with the Kawasaki.


You can replace a 19" with an 18". You have to buy a 18" rim and spokes. Then re-lace the spokes to your existing hub.

Thanks for the info. If I buy this rim and use the spokes and rim with my hub will that work, or am I just wasting my money?

I don't know if they have the same number of spokes I would think so.  How much do they want for the wheel assembly you can get a rim and spokes from rocky mountain for like a $150.  Why do you want to go to a 18 in rim I have rode bike with both wheels size and did not feel any different.

I have been told that the bike will be easier to handle off road and in rocky areas. Don't do much track riding. I'm from South Africa so I can get it for about $100 if I do the conversion.

Have you relaced wheel before you will need a way to true the wheel after you put all the spokes in if you can true the wheel than i would try it.

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