DMC 100: need help identifying year of chassis

I bought a DMC XR/CR conversion yesterday and need a little help identifying the chassis. The title says 1997 and the frame and engine numbers match the title (has "V" code which is 1997 on the frame) which I didn't think would be the case for an engine/ chassis conversion bike, unless the frame has been restamped? I want to be certain of the year of the chassis for the purpose of purchasing replacement parts when needed, I'm currently looking for front/rear springs and I've already found changes in part numbers between years. How can I tell if my VIN is that of a CR80/85 or XR100, and if my VIN is for a 100, how can I tell what year CR I have?



I have the Honda ID manual through 1959 - 2000................what are your engine and frame numbers and I'll look them up?


Old School Al

List the frame vin and someone will know. DMC conversions start out with a cr85 frame so title is probably correct. I didnt know titles also had engine #'s on them. Are you sure? Maybe it's possible in CA to create a title from scratch which would explain this. But I would bet the rolling chassis is 97.

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Frame VIN: JH2HE0407VK400128

VK vin is definately a 97cr80rb expert vin according to honda bible.

Thanks for looking that up Ickfinger.


That seems odd that it is an expert considering that it has the shorter swingarm and 17/14 wheels, then again it does already have a xr100 engine and crf150f carb and later model xr100 tank/shrouds so a little parts swapping on the chassis was to be expected.


On another note, this will be adult ridden (220ish lbs) so I'm trying to decide what springs to go with. Racetech's calculator shows .44 up front and 7.1 rear if I use the big wheel. That sounds a bit heavy up front to me, does anyone have any insight on this?

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VK vin is definately a 97cr80rb expert vin according to honda bible.


It's a 97 CR80R..............not the 97 "Expert" CR80RB according to my info.  Both are VK............R is VK400001~  and RB is VK100001~    :thinking:


Old School Al

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Yeah, sorry, I was incorrect. Honda bible shows reg wheel vin.

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