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Wheel swap question, 450 to 125, please advise..

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I did try the search function for this, and googled the crap out of the topic as well, as I'm sure it's been asked a million times already... So, sorry for the repost! I just found too many conflicting answers.

I'm hoping to install a set if complete 2012 crf450 wheels on a 2000 cr125.

Seems like it will work, of course the actual rear rim is wider, more spokes, so on...

Can anyone confirm this for me? I hear "all Honda wheels are the same, 00-13" and others claim "02-07".

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanx!

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I can't 100% confirm it but I'm very confident that the wheels are the same fitment from 2000 to 2012.

Front and rear.

If its any help, my 07 CR 250 wheels bolted straight onto my mates 2000 model as an experiment when he was looking to buy some wheels.

Good luck!

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02-12 wheels are the same.


00-01 rear is specific



Now this is true from 00-present on sizing for the R bikes:


All fullsize bikes use a 21x1.60 front.  So 00-13 front will be the same size and will bolt on.



125/250f -19x1.85

250/450f - 19x2.15


So a 450 rear on a 125 is not a good idea.  wider footprint and MORE weight.  that little bike has enough issues with power, don't kill it with more rotating mass. 


So the difference on the 00-01 and 02-12 rear hubs?  The rear rotor bolt size.  They are 8mm on the 00-01 and 6mm on the 02+ bikes.  You can use a 00 rear wheel, but you have to use that year of rotor.  Same with the 02-12, have to use the 02-12 rear rotor and bolts. 


And to throw this out there:


13 450R uses a 3mm offset sprocket.  This will not be compatible on earlier bikes.  More than likely, the 14 250R will use the same hub.

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Excellent, thank you both for the great replys!

I agree and understand that the 125/250F wheels are designed they way they are and also used in that application for a reason.

The idea came about when I learned of a set of really nice black/ red hub wheels were just sitting in my parents garage!

From what I gather from your awesome info, the front is no problem.

The rear on the other hand, needs the proper rotor and axle/ spacers for the year bike that the wheel is from....sound right?

Lastly, did you say 2014 250R?? Ha, it's real?? Could it be?

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