1996 Honda CR-125 won't kickstart

Hey guys I'm having some trouble with my dirt bike. When I bought from the previous owner it ran fine and started many times. Then my friend was riding it and when he was coming to a stop either he stalled it or it shut off on him while moving.


Now it won't start. I took out carburetor and its clean. I took out the spark plug and it has a spark. We jump started it and let it idle for a while and then tried a kickstart and it worked. Then it stalled again coming to a stop and won't start again. What can the problem be?


One thing I noticed is the carburetor has about 4 or 5 hoses coming out of it going to nothing. Are they all meant to be overflows or do a couple of them go somewhere else?

Have you checked the compression?  How old is the piston and ring?  2 strokes are really simple, you have compression, fuel and spark.  Check your compression, check for spark and make sure it is getting fuel.  If it will pull start, it is getting fuel.  You can sometimes pull start a bike with a fouled plug so it could be the spark plug but my bet would be on low compression.

Yes it is definately getting fuel. I did change the spark plug just in case since its easy. I left it to the side with the coil on it and cranked it and there is a spark. Not sure how big the spark has to be, but it is clearly visible.


Not sure if I have the tools to check compression is there an easy way? And if it were to be low compression, would I have to rebuild the top end or maybe just gasket?


Also since we were able to push start it and warm it up a bit and then the kickstart worked, doesn't that mean the compression is fine?

Not sure how old it is, but I know the guy changed the engine because he had the old one too lying around.


One thing I forgot the mention it looks like some oil is leaking around where the exhaust pipe connects to the piston area that oil is going through the pipe and burning out the exhaust, would that be a gasket issue? However, it was like that since the beginning and it was starting and running no problem at all.

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It will have more compression when it is warm than when it is cold.  You test compression with a compression tester.  You can get one for about $20 at auto zone.  The bike should have about 150 lbs of compression, anything below about 100 lbs and it will have trouble starting. If it is low on compression, it will probably need new piston and ring.

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