2014 ride reports

Are there any ride reports from anyone on here? I am considering a 2014 CRF450 and would like to hear from people on here.

just read the 13 ride report. pretty much the same bike

I read somewhere that they changed the porting in the head.  Sometimes that can make a pretty good difference in power.  I would like to hear if it helped the 14.

Not much to contribute ... But I heard from a swedish guy who rode it a couple of weeks ago at the official Honda 2014 test day at the Loket GP track.

The motor felt very different, he also said there is a new cam in that thing ! But haven't seen anything about that in the mags or web.

I don't know what he ment by different but I guess it's more aggressive motor.

First ride today. Way more power all around than the '13. Suspension wise, still needs to be revalved. What an awesome bike in the air and cornering.

As for other changes : fuel injectors, porting, and new less restrictive silencers

so you actually rode the new crf?

Yup ...picked one up yesterday morning :)

I wish I could have rode the 2013 model. The 2014 CRF450R is flat out a great bike! Very powerful motor. I love the quietness of it. So darn smooth. NO STALLING! So far so great! Any other folks out there with a 2014 model please give us feedback.

I bought a 14 on august 21st i got 3.1 hours on it the suspension is awsome and this bike has alot my torque then my old 05 a friend of mine got a 13 a few weeks ago ill have to ride his to see how much different the motor has changed but i do know they changed     clutch springs, intake and exhaust, mufflers, duel timing injection, changes to the damping on the suspesion i think thats all



While not earth shattering pretty significant changes for a second year model in these times.

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