XL's? parts

Hello, new to TT.  I have aquired an XL250 1975, and am working on a friends XL350-1978.  It seems very difficult to find parts for either one.  I need to find a rear sprocket for the 350. maybe someone knows an aftermarket that will fit. nothing seems to cross reference either. I can't find the air filter element foam either, but I think I'll put a pod filter on it.


on the XL250, I can't find the parts for the dust cover on the rear axle.  the chain came off and tore it up. I think I'll try to make one. any suggestions ??  


Oh,,,, and what size of a fork seal driver do I need?  Thanks everyone.  

If you're unable to find help in this forum, go to the special interest section and look for the vintage forum. I have found the guys over there to be very helpful at times.

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