400e with full Yosh. Need re-jeting?

Just bough a used 2001 DRZ400e with Full RS-2 Yoshimura.  The bike have 3x3 hole mod.  THe guy who sell me the bike tell me that he don't touch the stock carb jeting.  The bike run fine and pull stong.  I want to know if i would be better to order a jet kit and re-jet it to be on the safe side?


Thank you

Edited by David L.

Yes. Buy a JD jet kit from the ThumperTalk store.

When more air is added more fuel should be added to the mix also to attain a correct fuel/air ratio.



Thant's what i tough.  Hope that the fact  the old owner ride for somes years with the stock jeting don't do any arm or premature wear to the engine....... :(

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