klx 300 good or not?

Theres a 98 klx 300 on my local craigslist that is 800$ looks to be in ok shape for how old it is. plastics are good and has headlight/taillight. Are there any known problems with these. Are they pretty durable? How much is it worth. Said needs tires soon and handlebars are bent.

Bent bars and worn tires mean it hasn't been maintained well. $800 is low, but....

Yah thats why I was gonna try to talk to him. If i look at it im gonna check bearings air filter etc. it looks to be in good shape. no rips in seat plastics look good. he said it starts easy and runs fine.

I have had a 98 klx 300 since '01. I tend to ride it pretty hard and mine has been very reliable. I did end up putting a piston in due to a wild locked open throttle incident, but great otherwise. One valve adjustment in that time along with a bunch of rear tires, chain and sprockets, brake pads, and at least 4 sets of bars. They have a solid bar mount so almost any fall will bend steel bars. I say they are a very underrated bike. I have tried a bunch of newer and supposedly better bikes only to sell them and come back to the klx.

this is the one in question looks a little beat up but  will do some checking on it for sure.

I can see the lower fork protectors are missing and being completely spray painted makes me nervous it could have been stolen. Not saying anything for sure, just seems fishy to me.

Are you sure its spray painted. Not just black plastics? It looks too nice for spray paint to me but wont know for sure till i look at it

they are sprayed....so prob not gonna get this one...probably lots of other little things he did that were crap.

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