Need some wiring help

Hey guys as a few may have seen I just picked up a 01 400s. The previous owner removed all the lights but the headlight. I was messing around to see if I could figure out how to get my blinkers and break light on. I took the seat off and this is what I found.

I'm hoping you guys can shed some light as to what goes where. Also I included a pic of what all he have me with the bike. I think I am missing the bracket that hold the break light and blinkers. Witch is no problem because I was planning on changing that anyways. I just want to get the wiring figured out so I can get it hooked up when I order them.

Hopping for some good news, my 1.5yr old just decided it was time to wash my 2013 MacBook Pro, so I have had enough bad news for today hahaha

Thanks guys.



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This help?


Looks like you have a real mess. About all you can do is follow the wiring diagram.  Little hard to tell the wire colors in the posted diagram, particularly red from orange.  Probably worth it for you to buy a shop manual with a diagram in it.

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