Time for a new bike for a New member!

Well this is my first post on here, and hopefully you guys can lend me a hand in making up my mind on a new bike. As of right now I ride a 1982 xl600r. and its a fun bike but its age is showing. I have already tried the rockets. So I would like to stick with an enduro. I have looked at the newers Xr600l and at the ktm 520 ( I know im looking at a nice price gap) and even the Drz400 I do a lot of back road riding and plan on doing trail riding. Im really worried about the power drop to the 400. Im looking at a min highway time. (the bike I have now sucks on the highway any way) So far the drz is seeming to be my choice but like I said im really concerned with the power drop. Seeing as I'm more then likely going to take a loan out for it I need to make sure I wont get bored with the bike. Any help would be awesome!  


Have you checked the HP specs? Maybe power to weight ratio? I don't think a 400 is going to feel like a pit bike to you. I ride an '04 400s. Changed the sprockets and put d606's on it. It does everything I've ever put it through well. From 60mph on highway to loaded with overnight camping gear on the tight single track.

So I did the power to weight thing but after I did it I relizedi have no idea what a good one would be. I got .098 that's rounded but still have no idea what the number means haha

I've ridden an 95 XR600 and compared to the DRZ it might of had more low end torque, but it was by no means a "drop" in power. I've taken my DRZ all over, it will not disappoint you.

That makes me feel a whole lot better about the DRZ! thank you Echo! I'm Thinking its the DRZ. any more advise on stuff like mods would be awesome to.


on the other hand it will be atleast another 2 months till I get a new bike. And yesterday while I was doing a long over due brake job my rear bearings went out :banghead:  this thing is a money pit!


Your current bike's weight is 315lbs dry and produced 45hp when new.  45/315= .14 hp per pound.  A 400drz produced 49hp and weighed 262lbs dry in 2010.  49/262= .19 hp per lb.  So the drz actually out-performs your current bike.  http://www.mbike.com/suzuki/dr-z400e/2010  http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_xl600r%2084.htm


A DRZ400s puts out around 32-33 HP stock.  If you want to get 49 HP out of it you would need full exhaust system, FCR39MX carb, and a big bore kit.


The E model is lighter and puts out more power but it's not 49hp and also the bike is not street legal out of the box. 

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A DRZ400s puts out around 32-33 HP stock. If you want to get 49 HP out of it you would need full exhaust system, FCR39MX carb, and a big bore kit.

The E model is lighter and puts out more power but it's not 49hp and also the bike is not street legal out of the box.

Oh crap, I didn't even see I clicked on a 400e. I just googled drz400 specs and clicked on a link. I should've double checked the model.


2012 drz 400; hp 33 weight 319, which means .10hp/lb.  Significantly less than your current bike when it was new, it seems like you're back in the same boat as you were earlier EggofNogg.  Your best bet would be to find someone who has one and see if you could take it for a spin.  Sorry about the bad information, I should've checked my source.


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Ideal would be a KTM EXC500. That would be a hefty dirt bike loan. That said the DRZ is a great all-around bike...and it's no pit bike.

I’m also in the process of buying a new bike, considering both the XR650L and the DRZ400S.  My limited research however showed that the Honda only putts out about 30 to 32 hp.  I also was concerned about the varying hp numbers for the DRZ but the comment regarding the (e) model kinda of clears that up.  Maybe we both need to look for a 2010 (e) for sale and make it more street legal?

There is no 2010 E model with those HP numbers. They stopped putting the slant body FCR on them around 05 in the US. You can thank the EPA.

A 39mm FCR-MX, stage 1 or 2 hotcams and a full system (MRD/SSW comes to mind) you'll be pushing hp closer to the E model specs you were looking at.

I wouldn't base your decision on the stock specs. Both bikes are pigs from the factory.

Soooo.... i guess our choices are: A. Buy a pre '06 DRZ400  B. Break out the tool box on a newer Bike $$ C. Break out the Bucks for a new KTM $$$  D. Buy a used KTM


Or what about buying a more peppy full enduro model and adding after market street gear - I've seen some advertised?


And there's also the Husky TR650 Tera which isn't too pricy, puts out a nice amount of Hp and Trq., but it's kinda heavy, or the Suzuki DR650 - don't know about that bike either.

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