Turkey Baster Mod question

I mounted the turkey baster to the radiator using zip ties.  I used a clear baster and a clear hose so I can see where the coolant is.  I filled the radiator slowly and let it overflow into the new hose and fill the hose to the bottom of the baster.  My question is about how to the get the air out of the line.  The hose is filled with coolant except for about 3 inches right before it connects to the radiator at the cap.   I'm struggling with how to keep this hose air free between the cap and the bottom of the baster since liquid finds it own level.

Is this going to be a problem when the radiator starts to pull the coolant back in?



Over analyzation. It will self purge. Next time the bike gets hot, any air in the radiator and the line will get expelled into your res. On cool down, only coolant (assuming enough is in the res.) will be sucked back in.;

+1,  it'll likely self purge on the ground if you filled the radiator full to the top and put some in the baster too.

you guys were right.  I went for a ride today and before taking off I checked the turkey baster.  None in the baster but the line going to the cap with full of coolant and one small bubble.  After the ride, the baster had about 1 inch of coolant in it but then a few hours later it was back in the radiator. 

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