75XL250&78XL350 parts?

Hello, new to TTicon1.png.  I have aquired an XL250 1975, and am working on a friends XL350-1978.  It seems very difficult to find parts for either one.  I need to find a rear sprocket for the 350. maybe someone knows an aftermarket that will fit. nothing seems to cross reference either. I can't find the air filter element foam either, but I think I'll put a pod filter on it.


on the XL250, I can't find the parts for the dust cover on the rear axle.  the chain came off and tore it up. I think I'll try to make one. any suggestions ??  


Oh,,,, and what size of a fork seal driver do I need?  Thanks everyone.  


Ebay is the best resource for parts.  For a fork seal driver use a piece of PVC pipe or a socket 

Unifilter foam is available in sheets which can be cut and glued to fit different filters.  You might be able to repair your old filter part with the foam.




On your rear sprocket, decide if you want to keep the 530 sized chain or go with the more common 520 size.  For most usage the 520 does fine and is easier to find.  The 520 size came on the XL250 bikes.  Bolt pattern on the sprocket is the same.  You would need to change the front countershaft sprocket to 520 also but it is better to replace both sprockets and the chain if there is a fair amount of wear anyway.

and.... you get a wee bit more power with a 520 chain. 

Bolt pattern on the sprocket is the same as what Swiss??? sorry to be dumb..

same as a XL250 /XL 250 -350 rear sprocket bolt patterns are the same. XL350 used a 530 chain and the 250 a 520 chain. 

Thank you guys. 

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