Needle clip position

I running at 8000+ and jetted 52/150 with the needle clip raised one groove. It is unclear to me whether it is better drop the needle or go to a smaller main jet since they are so related. Was wondering if other people change the needle position for high altitude.

I do. When riding those elevations in the mountains, I'm almost never on the main, where-as the needle circuit sees action almost exclusively. Just doing pilot and main wasn't quite enough to make it run clean and I hate a blubbering engine at elevation.


A smaller main isn't going to help the needles lower part of its effective range as it transitions out its overlap with the pilot circuit, where you spend a lot of time when riding the mountains.


Raised 1 position from stock would make yours 2nd from top, right?

Yes, I raised the clip which lowered the needle. Is that where you run your also? The reasons I'm asking is that with a 52/150 setup and the needle dropped one notch, the bike was running on the highway at 60 mph at 210 degrees which seemed a little warm for the conditions. I would rather see 190 degrees. I have wrapped my headers and I was thinking of raising the needle to the stock position to see if the bike runs a bit cooler.

Pull your spark plug and take a look at it. See if it's showing signs of running lean.

What are you recording those temps with?

Curious, what gearing are you running?

Do you also use the bike for trail?

I think if I were using my XR for both street and trail, I'd leave the needle where it is and try going up on the main for the 60mph work.

Ultimately tho, do what works best all around.

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