xr250 R or L engine?

Hello, just became a member because i really cant find the info i am looking for, hopeful someone can help.

I bought this bike in thailand. as far i can see on the import papers it is a honda xr250r frame and the engine i am not sure of.


frame number is md30-1100735

engine md17e-1750742


it has electric start/ chokelever on the 30mm carb


if you need more info let me know.


I would like to know buildyear of both.




Ron (Dutch)




MD series are street models although Honda may market them as XRs.

The MD17 model engines were used in 91-96 XR250Ls imported to the USA.

I don't have any info on the MD30 chassis althorough the chassis models for the MD17 engines sold in the USA were MD22.

The chassis looks a lot like the 96-04 XR250R sold in the US.

if you look at page 11 of the document you'll see that your motor number corresponds to the chassis number, so its also a 96 and probably the original one. i think the motor is pretty much identical to the 96-04 xr250r motor. the chassis is pretty much the same too, except its got passenger foot pegs and the gas tank mounts are different, and the horn mount too...

If the engine were based on the 96-04 XR250R engine the serial would begin with ME08, but it begins with MD17 which was a street version of the pre 96 XR250 motor.  The ME08 motor is dry sump, the MD17 wet sump.


Have said that both motors have good performance and are reliable.

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i dont know about the engine serial number, but our bikes are dry sump. this image is from the service manual:



Hello agian,

Thanks for the info. I will post some pics tomorrow.

Here in chiangmai are a lot honda crf250 l's. Even with my knobbies on the highway, the xr is faster. I dont get it but not complaining either.

Hi Ron,

I am in Chiang Mai too and ride the same bike then you fully plated. My engine is MD17E as well and it's electric and kick start. Great bike very powerful. Mine is probably a 1998 model, yours could be a 1996 model, any way both bikes share the same parts.


If you need more inbox me.

hey sax. mine is also electric start and kick start, but i think the kick starters were added on outside the factory. im pretty sure the md30 only came with e-start. whats your chassis number?

He saxonator, fully plated? Well done. I paid the excile tax and dont have any problems. Mostly trails near doi suthep anyway. Mine is only e-start.

Happy trails.

Sold her....(with regrets) 

However bought a full plated crf250L

It is not the same. First of all the crf sounds like a dull kitten. I changed the sprockets to 14/45 which was an improvement. Also did the standard changes like LED, backlight, Guards (zeta) Renthal bars, Zeta chain guards etc.Now looking for after-market exhaust with reasonable sound with the fuel programmer kit. Chiang Mai is growing and so is the police force. A friend of mine had a fine for using an after market muffler on his cbr250 (nawarat bridge checkpoint) . 1000 thb. and the next time he have to show up in court. (police is now keeping track of plates and fines).


Anyway, all these changes makes the bike look a bit better but i still prefer the looks of a Honda Xr250 full of dirt.

To all of you who owns a XR, keep it and buy a a plated bike extra.



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