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First KTM ride, Advice & Ideas

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Got to finally ride my new (to me) 12' 500xc-w yesterday. Love it! its 10x the bike my CRF is/was (selling soon) the bike is quick to turn, yet stable, the egros feel much beter. and the EFI is nothing shot of awesome! The suspension is so plush! Worth every penny!


There are a few things I would like to change/modify to fit my riding style better. 


  1. Larger pegs. I think this one is pretty normal and a lot of people upgrade.
  2. Enduro Eng Seat.
  3. Radiator Supports and Guards.
  4. Steering stabilizer. Seams to turn almost too fast I don't know if the rake is less than most jap bikes but I think a stabilizer would be fitting.
  5. Auto clutch. Can see the advantage with this many gears. With my CRF I can ride most technical sections of single track in 1st gear and never leave it because its so tall, with my 500 now I find my self going between 1,2 & 3 all the time. 
  6. More "Pep" from the motor. While the 500 has gobs of power the delivery seams to be a little soft. like it wont rev fast enough. Is this something i can change with a map switch? I've heard porting this motor really wakes it up.

One other small issue I had. I have my Garmin Montana 600 GPS mounted and wired into the bike. However, at random times the GPS unit will try to shut down because the voltage drops to low for the GPS to charge and want to turn off. Any ideas? Larger Stator? I have thought about the Garmin 62s. 

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