cold/hot start help

Hey guys, I'm new to the dirt bike world and a couple weeks ago I got a 08 YZ250F. Cold start it fires right up. Incredible how easy it is to crank. I'll let it warm up a few minutes and then start to ride. I can stop and it will idle great. However if I allow it to die then it is almost impossible to restart. Last couple times I was unable to get it to crank. Returned to it the next day and it fires up first kick.

Any suggestions on what might be the issue, perhaps I am just flooding it to fast trying to get it to crank back up. Thanks

I'm not a motorcycle mechanic, but these are some things I'd check.  Unable to crank like it doesn't turn over?  If you haven't checked your valve clearance than, from what I've read, that could be the problem.  Your timing could also be off.  If it is turning over, are you using the hot-start lever while kicking?  Mine starts without it but each bike has the potential to react differently.

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This will sound mean but do you pull the hot start lever out? If that doesn't work then your bike could be like mine and just a grump to start. I'd suggest work with the jetting maybe clean out the carb.

I recommend staying off the throttle. Like hand completely off the throttle as you sometimes give it gas when you don't mean too. Use the hot start. Should fire first kick. Generally a warm engine fires first kick. A race hot engine is another story. They are more difficult to start.

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