2010 kx450f dies at idle

Tore down motor for case repair. Reassembled the entire bike. Bike will fire only when you have 1/4 trottle. Runs rough then dies when you drop to idle. Upon tear down I left head/ valves untouched. Throttle body stayed connected to all wires. Check timming and all looks great. Valves clearances are too spec.???????????? Any suggestions? Thx

Coolant temp sensor seems to be a common problem with the newer injected bikes. Causes all kinds of idle issues

At least from what I seem to be reason again and again on TT

How would you check that?

Scanner? Thx for the reply

Well, I think you pointed me in right direction. I pulled the temp sensor cleaned it and put it back. Started bike with it plugged in, unplugged it then plugged back in and then idle smoothed out. It run and sounded much smoother. It starts first or second kick now. Thank you for the advise.

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