DIY or send it out

I wanna go through my suspension and am torn.  would it be cheaper (not including any possible worn parts) to buy the race tech gold valve kit s for my forks and shock and do it myself, or send it off to a place like precision concepts.  I'm a desert and single track guy and can do the work myself but want to hear from anyone who did the gold valve kits if they are worth it or is it WAY better to have a shop set it up. Bike is completely stock right now and stock springs good for me.

Never mind. Found related posts to answer my questions

So what did you decide on?

Think I will figure out what I need from race tech and try it myself.

If you're going to have a go yourself, depending on your particular bike, why not have a go at working with the stock valves and shuffling some shims first?

Ya that is what I will try first before forking out extra $ for sure. 06 kx450f and I don't think the suspension is as bad as a lot of people who rode them have said. It is way better than my 09 Honda was. Rear wallows a bit so I wanna try to fix that also while I'm freshening up. I'm watching fleebay for an 11 linkage and a longer pull rod but also may try playing with the shim stacks on both ends while in there for a freshen up. If anyone has any good setups that they like for desert and wouldn't mind sharing, it would be appreciated! Thanks

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