Forks locked up

We were out riding the cr500 and after some ruts and bumps the forks started leaking. We put it on the trailer and drove home. When we undid the straps, the bike didn't rise any and the forks were locked up. We changed the oil and cleaned the oil seal. The suspension works now but it barely moves and it still locks some times. It also has relatively no rebound.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So you were out riding and the forks began to leak from the oil/dust seals, correct?  You put the bike on a trailer, strapped it down (compressed the forks) and when you removed the straps the forks stayed compressed, correct?


When you say the suspension barely moves, that is it doesn't fully extend? And no rebound, i.e., too much rebound stays packed down or no rebound and it bounces back quickly after being compressed?

I found out what the problem was. The front wheel was sloppy so we tightened the axle too tight and the forks weren't at the proper position. The front wheel needs a new spacer.

Was going to suggest checking the alignment of the forks. Very often people tighten the axle without allowing the forks to settle into position before clamping them down. Almost always wears bushings excessively as well as causing binding and harshness/extreme stiffeness in both directions (comp and rebound).

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